Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Sea-Worthy Classroom

This is my 2nd year using a nautical theme in my classroom. Being a Navy brat, this just feels right! This is the back wall of our classroom. I took a panoramic photo and it looks like I have a round wall. It really isn't round. I just did not know what I'm doing. I have a sailboat for each student. I have 55 students this year, so there isn't as much water as I would like. The sailboats are made of scrapbook paper. This year I used the non-fade butcher paper.

This is the "S.O.S--class helper"board. I made them out of styrofoam circles and red cording. The "Skipper" is the most important job in the class. This student leads the class in the pledge, passes out papers, is the line leader, feeds the fish, is the office runner.... I have to have 2 Skippers because I have two groups that come into my classroom. To the left, I have my girl and boy hall passes.
 "All hands on deck" This board is not finished yet. I have the students help me finish it. Together, we discuss what our class rules should be. I type them out and put them on this board. For the boarder, I have my students trace and cut out their hand prints. It is really cute when it is finished and I love how the kids already know what our classroom should be like.
I have this on my front wall to take up space. I bought it at Hobby Lobby when it was on sale. A lot of craft stores have a nautical section.

A Great Catch is where I display student work. The distance marker was a gift from my daughter. It shows the places I have traveled to.

On top of the cabinets in my classroom, I have nautical decorations. There are ships, lanterns, a treasure chest, globes, a helm...
I have a sand collection on my counter. I try to collect sand and sea shells from different beaches that I go to so that my students can get a feel of the beach.

This is our calendar area. It is by my desk in the front of the classroom.  I also use this board to keep important papers that I can not afford to loose. I purchased the anchor and captain's hat at a party store. The ship bell came from Hobby Lobby.
My "Star Student" board. I plan on giving out this poster to each student sometime during the first week of school. I think it will be easier to use these posters instead of having the students bring one from home.

More of the birthday banner. This helm is in between our windows (Hobby Lobby).

I made this last year and hung it on our door. It is now just on a white board in the back of the room.

I have this flag in the front of my classroom. I tell the story of  Captain James Lawrence. He said these heroic words after being mortally wounded on the U.S. frigate Chesapeake,  on 1 June 1813. I teach at a Title 1 school where some of the children in my class live in very difficult situations. I want them to know that with determination they can accomplish anything!

 This is an new addition to my classroom this year. This is a map of the Caribbean. Some of my favorite places on earth!
 An English proverb I found this year. I have this in the front of my classroom as well.
Our Ship's Log runs along the bottom of our front wall. I use this wall as a time line of our school year together. I take pictures of important events and staple them to our ship's log with a description and the date of the event.

Thanks to my wonderful family, I am ready for school!


Kathleen said...

It looks so cute! You are a great teacher!

Bonnie said...

Deanna, I love it. You have done a great job. Your students are lucky to have you as a teacher.

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